Red Float

Red float in front of a row boat with children in the background on the beach at low tide.

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach.  Here is a photo turned into a painting via Painter 10 but no photo can be turned into a painting without some heavy processing before hand.  In this instance much blending and smoothing was done to take out the many distracting sea shells, pebbles and seaweed.  Then added color was thrown with the use of layers.  It was only after this was all done that Corel’s Painter 10 was used to smooth out the bumps.

Reprints can be bought by clicking here, Smugmug, or on the above photograph.  If you’d like this on merchandise like tee shirts, thermoses or bags go to my Cafepress site by clicking on the photos at the bottom of this post.  Note that clicking on either will open a new window.

Via Cafepress I had this printed on the entire front and back of a t-shirt.  It worked very well with the children on the shoulder.  I quite like the effect.

Red Float insert I Red Float Insert II




beach thermos bottle 12oz