White Lotus 5Click on the above “White lotus in a pond of green lotus pads” and you’ll be directed to a new screen where you can view a larger version on my Smugmug site.  Smugmug offers prints and cards as purchase options.

Clicking on any of the below images will open new windows showing the Cafepress offerings.  Of particular interest to yoga practitioners is the Yoga Mat and to meditators there are the front and back over-all t-shirts.  (FYI: I have some Cafepress overall t-shirts and am very impressed with that product.)

For those not familiar with Cafepress, only eight to ten percent of the overall cost comes back to me while the remainder is kept by Cafepress for their profit, the cost of production, maintaining the website and delivery.  If you decide to buy any of their products take care to examine the product image to ensure you get what you want.  But don’t worry if you get a bad product, they have a very good return policy.

See other Cafepress t-shirts at:  http://www.cafepress.com/+yellow+t-shirts?aid=74482592  or check out my favorite artist, Marina Kanavaki and her offerings on CafePress at http://marinakanavaki.com/

Besides products on CafePress shown below you will also find this image on bags, shower curtains, Queen Duvet, rugs, etc.

Once again, thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoy White Lotus!

White Lotus Infant t-shirt   Infant T-shirt.  Image on front & back.


White Lotus Mug   White Lotus on Mug


White Lotus Kindle Sleeve   White Lotus Kindle Sleeve.


White Lotus iPhone Snap Case   White Lotus iPhone Snap Case

White Lotus Clutch Bag     White Lotus Clutch Bag