Heron on rocks AFelt a need for something different so brought together the above elements and digitally processed them in Painter X3 using ink pens.  Click on it and you’ll open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can see the image at full resolution.  Or click on the below images to see it on various merchandise sold via my Cafepress site.

Note the first three are of the image on yoga mats and with some additions of a Yin Yang symbol and the Yin Yang with B&W herons inside the symbol.  For your convenience note that clicking on the image will take you to Cafepress while clicking on the name beside the image will take you again to Smugmug where the image is at higher resolution.  Or if you just want to go to the August Heron CafePress general page click here

Hope you enjoy viewing these!

August Heron mug   August Heron on mug, one of two mugs available.


August Heron Woman's T shirt   August Heron Woman’s T-shirt

August Heron pyjamas   August Heron Woman’s pajamas.

August Heron Sippy Cup  August Heron Sippy Cup.

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