Cherry Blossoms with butterflyMt. Fuji is usually shown with cherry blossoms but being from the west coast I put Mt. Baker behind these blossoms and added a butterfly for effect.  Here is the branch without them,

Cherry Blossom 3

And here is some at the tip of a branch, with a bee.

Cherry Blossoms 2Most of the merchandise available through Cafepress has the first image.  Of those with the latter, you’ll find no bee.

Clicking on the above images will open a new window at my Smugmug site.  Clicking on the below images will take you to my Cafepress site.  There you’ll find that I was quite busy this week adding the images to as much merchandise as I could including iphone, samsung and computer cases; tee shirts (see the all over ones, as given below as they are a variation on the top most image); pajamas; bags; baby and toddler items (also on all over prints); shower curtains; rugs; jewelry and cases; posters; magnets; etc.

CB I Pad Sleeve   iPad Sleeve.  Fits iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3



CB Iphone 4   Iphone 4/4s Tough Case.  Fits iPhone 4 and 4S.



CB shower curtain   Shower curtain, one size: 69 by 70 inches.  Bathmat available, too.


CB mugs  Mugs also available with the main “butterfly” image.


CB shoulder bag   Shoulder Bag, 15″ W x 9.5″ H x 6″ D


CB Scarf   Scarf, 72 by 27 inches


CB woven throw pillow   Woven Throw Pillow: 14.25″ square image printed on both sides.  Other pillows also available.


CB wall clock  10 inch diameter wall clock is just one of those available.


CB queen duvet  Queen Duvet, King and Twin also available.


Well.  I hope the above gives you an idea of what’s available.  Thank you for visiting my sites and enjoy the blossoms of spring!