Roses n Lace


lacy rose oval

Above is a design created especially for merchandise sold on my Cafepress site.    Click on either to open in a new window where you can view them at full size at my Smugmug site.  Click on the below images to see them at my Cafepress site.

The initial impetus for this design was the appliques sewn onto a costume seen on a music video.  From there it evolved into a question of how to apply a lace effect onto a Cafepress overall print on both side, tee shirt.   As to how successful I was is up to you to decide.  But I do wonder if some enterprising fashion designer hasn’t already thought of this lace on tee shirt idea.  And how successful he or she was at it.


Roses n Lace Wooden Wall Clock    Wooden Wall Clock.


Roses n Lace shower curtain   Shower Curtain


Roses n Lace mug   Mugs


Roses n Lace Queen Duvet  Queen Duvet, also available on twin and king duvet covers.


Roses n Lace woman's lite pajamas   Woman’s light pajamas


Roses n Lace Samsung galaxy  Samsung Galaxy S4 Case.  Also available on many other Cafepress computer items.


Roses n Lace necklace heart charm   Necklace heart charm.  Also available on other jewelry items such as wine charms, silver charms and key chains.


Roses n Lace laptop sleeve   Available on Laptop sleeves, 17″.


I’ve been getting better at adapting and applying my work to fit on more Cafepress items.  Above are just a sample of what’s available that includes jewelry cases, laptop covers, curtains, scarfs, rugs, pillows and blankets, just to name a few.

Thank you once again for taking the time to view my material.  I hope it was as enjoyable for you as making this design was for me.  Take care!