Golden Roses

You may have noticed a golden rose popped up on the “yoga mat” of the last post.  Like an image that appears just briefly in a dream that then becomes the subject of an entire dream on a later night, that one gold rose evolved into the above Gold Roses on orange bricks.

Click on it to open a new window where you can view it at my Smugmug site.   Click on the below images to see it on the various merchandise available via my Cafepress site.  As with the previous post, this image was initially designed for a woman’s all over tee shirt.  It was then adjusted for other merchandise.

Hope you’re enjoying your day.   Thanks for the site visit.

golden roses mugs   Mugs.

Gold roses shower curtain   Shower Curtain

Gold roses nexus S phone case   Nexus S Phone Case, also available on other phone cases.

Gold roses laptop skin   Laptop skin, also available on laptop sleeves, size  17″.  And on mousepad.

Gold roses water bottle   Sigg Water bottle, various sizes.

Gold roses compact mirror  Round Compact Mirror

Gold Roses coin purse   Coin purse, 7″ W x 4″ H x 1″ D

gold roses woman's light tee   One of the many tee shirts on which this image is available.

Gold Roses is also available on pillows, duvets, beach towels, rugs, bathmats, containers and other items.  I hope you have the time to view some of these and welcome you to do so at your leisure.  Thanks for visiting!