Humming Eagle 1

Humming Eagle 2

Humming Eagle 3

After seeing some wonderful First Nations Art at the Vancouver Art Gallery some years ago, I took inspiration from a sculpture that one artist made in which different angles showed different animals. I followed this artist’s lead and here, in “Humming Eagle 1,” I joined the hummingbird and eagle.

In native lore the hummingbird is a messenger of peace that assists you through life’s challenges. The eagle is a messenger to the creator whose wings symbolize the balance between male and female and how they must work together to achieve harmonious results. The Humming Eagle is then a reminder that if we wish peace and harmony in our relationships, that we need to work together.

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humming eagle I mug   Two types of mugs available.


Humming Eagle Maternity   On a sleeveless Maternity t-shirt.  Many other t-shirts also available with this image.


Humming Eagle I gym bag   On a gym bag.



Humming Eagle II wall clock   Three types of wall clocks with Humming Eagle II.


Humming Bird III diaper bag   Humming Eagle III on both sides of a diaper bag.


Humming Eagle III Shower Curtain   Humming Eagle III on shower curtain.


Humming Eagle III laptop skin   Humming Eagle III on a laptop skin.  Both Humming Eagle II & III are also available on laptop sleeves.


As an FYI: There are three versions of Humming Eagle as each is particularly suited to the type of merchandise available through CafePress.  I felt Humming Eagle III looked better on the shower curtain because it blends in better than Humming Eagle II.  And Humming Eagle I is a simpler design that, from my observations, appears even redder the further you get from it.

Hope you enjoy this version of “Humming Eagle 1”.  And that you’ll also check out “Humming Eagle 2” on August Landscapes.