First Nations Shoji Screen 2

Here, in “Humming Eagle 2,” I joined the hummingbird and eagle after a First Nations fashion then used a multilens to create an effect somewhat like a Japanese Shoji screen.

In native lore the hummingbird is a messenger of peace that assists you through life’s challenges. The eagle is a messenger to the creator whose wings symbolize the balance between male and female and how they must work together to achieve harmonious results. The Humming Eagle is then a reminder that if we wish peace and harmony in our relationships, that we need to work together.

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Shower Curtain

FNSS shower curtain


Duvet Cover

FNSS duvet


T-shirts like this biker tank

FNSS tees



FYI: for some reason Society6 is not showing the leggings for this product properly.  The image for the back has the shaded parts of the leg as black!  I hope they correct this right away.

FNSS leggings


Framed Art Print

FNSS framed


Stationary Cards

FNSS cards


Laptop skins

FNSS Laptop



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FNSS mug

FNNS mugs 2

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