Golden Angel Wings cafepressHere is a set of golden wings that is available on most of the tee shirts sold on my Cafepress site.  Click on the above and you’ll open a new window at my Smugmug site.

You’ll not at Cafepress that I’ve placed the above wings first on just the back of the selection of woman’s tee shirts, then have the same set of tee shirts with the image on the front and the back.  My hope is to leave the decision, should you decide to purchase an item, to you as to whether you want the image on both sides, or just the back.

On most men’s tee shirts the above image is on the front.  However, some men’s merchandise has the following images on the front.

Angel Wings 2a

On men’s, and one of the women’s all over tee shirts, this image is also on the front with the following image on the back.

Angel Wings 2And the following set of images is on the front and back of another women’s all over tee shirt.

Heavenly Wings front

Heavenly Wings

Following are links to the tee shirts and other items available.  Note that clicking on any of the below images will open a new window at my Cafepress site for the Angel Wings I gallery.

AW I pajamas

On a set of pajamas.

AW I golf shirt   AW I golf shirt back

Front and back of men’s golf shirt.

AW I football   AW I football 2

Here is the image as seen on the back and front of a football T-Shirt.  Note that clicking on the first image will open a new window where the image is on the back of the t-shirt only, while clicking on the second image will lead you to the product with the image on the front and back.

AW I infant t shirt

Primary image on front & back of infant t-shirt.

AW I abby the bunny

on “Abby the Bunny”, or other stuffed toys.


AW I gym bag

on gym bag, also available on other bags.

Of course, there are many other tee shirts with this design so feel free to visit my Cafepress site or my Smugmug site which also makes these images available on merchandise.

Thanks, once again, for visiting my sites.  Stay Golden!