Cherries and Chickadees 2Here’s an acrylic painting I did some years ago.  I photographed then ran it through Photoshop, Nik Software and Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 to bring out the color and add a bit to the back ground.  Click on it to view it in a new window at my Smugmug cite; or click to open a new window on the below images to access the products at my Cafepress site.


CC mug  or on mugs.

CC clocks  clocks

CC organic tee

a large variety of men’s, women’s and children’s tee shirts.  Here, a woman’s organic tee shirt.

CC jewelry

an assortment of jewelry such as this Silver Heart Necklace.

CC potholder  potholder

CC sugar container   sugar container with Bamboo lid

The image is also available on women and men’s pajamas, bags, laptop sleeves and skins, plus blankets, cards and more.  Here‘s a direct link.

Thanks again for visiting my site(s).  Hope you’re enjoying some sun, wherever you are!