Wood Hyacinth butterfly 2 Wood Hyacinth butterfly

Wood Hyacinth with a blue butterfly can also be viewed on my Smugmug site by clicking on either of the above two images.  Doing the same on the below images will open new windows at my Cafepress site where the image can be purchased on various merchandise.

The original image is from a photograph I took outside my home.  It was processed with Photoshop and Nik Software then run through PainterX3 with a fine oil’s Camel brush.  The Blue Morpho butterfly was added as an afterthought but I think it works well.  Hope you’re enjoying the August heat!

WH laptop skin  laptop skin, also on laptop sleeves.


WH tealight tealight candle holder


WH queen duvet   Queen Duvet, twin & king also available


wh shower curtain  Shower curtain


WH women pajamas  on women and men’s pajamas




WH earrings  on jewelry such as these earrings


WH clock   on wall clocks


The image is also available on mugs, rugs, bags, cushions and even a dog t-shirt.  Woof!

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