Autumn Jogger CafepressSeptember has come around again with all its memories of the past.  Here, a jogger follows a path that leads to a new beginning.  Does she note, I wonder, how the autumn leaves are turning to the color of her hair?

Check out the above image at my Smugmug site by clicking on it to open a new window.  Check it out on Cafepress merchandise by doing the same on the below images.  And enjoy all your new beginnings!


AJ dog t shirt  Don’t like jogging alone?  Take your puppy!


AJ laptop skin   And take your laptop with this skin.  (Sleeves also available.)


AJ shower curtain

Then shower behind this curtain when you get home!


AJ bucket bag

Then do some shopping with this bucket bag. (Other bags available.)


AJ zip hoodie

While wearing this zip hoodie.  (See comment, below)


AJ tank top   Over your tank top.

(Many other tee’s available.)


AJ mug   Then end your day with a nice mug of java!


Well.  I had fun tying these images together to make a little story of how your day may progress.  But I would be remiss to point out that Cafepress does not always show the images on merchandise properly.  The pink zip hoodie shown above, for example, is missing one of the three images that shows this product.  But the image is on the product so to view it click on the “View larger” button as shown where the red arrow points below.  These technical difficulties with sites only show that we humans are superior to machines!

Pink zip hoodie