Bridge 0075 Qa

“Horses on Bridge” is on my Society6 shop.  It is called “Clydesdales Crossing a Bridge” on my Smugmug site which you can view via the link or by clicking on the above image.  Naming something before posting it is always a chore and I see why some just use names like “Image #5” or something like that.  But I’m not a poet, after all, so you’ll have to excuse my inconsistencies, if not my idiosyncrasies.

Clicking on the below images, as with any of these links, will open a new window.  Once again, thanks for taking the time to check out my sites.  Have a great day!

HonB shower curtain

Shower Curtain

HonB tank top

Tank top (also available on other t-shirts)

HonB cases

IPhone cases and skins

HonB framed art

Framed Art, also prints and on canvas and stationary cards

HonB mug

Mugs (and rugs!)

HonB wall clock

Wall Clock


HonB duvet


HonB laptop

Laptop Cover