lily pads 0129

“Lily Pads” is a digital painting of a photograph taken in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.  It shows lily pads on Beaver Lake which also reflect the sky and tree branches.  Clicking on the above will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can get a better view of it.  Clicking on the below images will open a new window at my Society6 site.

FYI:  This is the first time I’ve saved an image on Society 6 as a PNG which means that the full range of t-shirt colors are now available.  I suspect that over time I will go back to my other Society6 t-shirt images and update them to PNG, as well.  Course, if I had done that in the first place…

LP t-shirt


lily pad leggings back

Shower Curtain

LP shower curtain


LP mug

Art Print

LP art print

Wall Clock

LP wall clock

Duvet covers

LP duvet

Laptop skin

LP laptop skin

Throw Pillow

LP throw pillow

Stationary Cards

LP cards

This image is also available through Society6 on rugs, Iphone & Ipod cases and skins, tote bags, tapestry and more.  If you’ve the inclination, take a look and “Thanks for dropping by!”