Society6 is now offering Leggings and to introduce this product I’m showcasing four of my products in this post.

Click on the images and you’ll go to my shop where you can get a front, side and back view of the products.  You’ll also get a close up to see how clear the image appears on the leggings.

FYI: if you get an image that reads “Rendering Artwork”, it only means Society6 is busily working away at processing an image for public display.  Thanks for the visit!


lily pad leggings back

Lily Pads

Gold Roses legging 2

Magnolias and Moon

FAMD leggings front

Flowers at my Door

WUTW leggings side

Walk under the Willow

I will be adding Leggings as time permits to my Society6 shop for those images that make a good product.  In the meantime, thanks again for the visit!