As shown above, “Blue Begonias” is a photograph of (what I hope are) begonias that is on both my Society6 and Cafepress sites.  As shown below, it is a digital painting of the above, done for that merchandise on either site that doesn’t lend itself to the photograph.

Blue Begonias 2

Clicking on either of the above two images will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can better view the images and purchase items, if you are so inclined.  Clicking on the below images will take you to my August Landscape sites on Society6 and Cafepress.  I know regular viewers don’t need me to say this but I do so for those new to the site.  Probably didn’t need to say that, either.  🙂

Hope you’re enjoying your summer.

Framed Art Print on Society6

BB framed art print


BB cp queen duvet  Duvets on Cafepress


BB cp pillow case  Pillow case on Cafepress


BB S6 all over

All over shirt and leggings on Society6

BB S6 leggings

BB cp shower curtain Cafepress shower curtain, or …

Society6 shower curtain which is a few inches larger.

BB S6 shower curtain


BB cp mug Cafepress mug, or…

Society6’s mug

BB S6 mug

Many other items are available on either site, such as t-shirts with laptop sleeves.  I mean t-shirts and laptop sleeves.  And Iphone cases, rugs, cards and bags, to name a few, but I’ll close this with the Society6 wall clock that I particularly like.

BB S6 wall clock

Thanks for the visit!