August Guitar

I’m reposting “August Guitar” on Society6.  That said, you are welcome to click on the above image to open a new window at my Smugmug site or on the below images that will take you to my S6 shop. Either sites offer the opportunity of purchasing this design on various products. Thanks for the visit!


August Guitar shirt

All over Shirt & Leggings

August Guitar Leggings


August Guitar shower curtain

Shower Curtains & Mugs

August Guitar mug


August Guitar Hoody

Hoodies & Biker Tanks

August Guitar Biker Tanks


August Guitar Phone Cases

Phone Cases & IPad Cases

August Guitar IPad cases

There are other items that can be purchased at my Society6 “August Landscapes” shop such as Framed Art Prints, Rugs, Throw Pillows, Stationary Cards  (which begs the question, “How do you send a stationary card?”) and other items such as this Wall Clock:

August Guitar Wall Clock

Well. I can see by the ol’ clock on the wall that it’s once again time to thank you for dropping by. Thanks!