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Roses & Lace II


As Society6 has altered the way designs are uploaded and added a clear case for iPhones for that upload, I’ve re-entered “Roses & Lace” onto my shop to take advantage of the changes. The original is still there but if you click on any of the images in this post you will be magically transported to the new upload, in a new window. Hope you like the design. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Shower Curtain and S6’s new Bath Mats!


Plus Hand and Bath Towels, buy a set of two and save!


Or try the Beach Towels


Before I forget, here’s the Clear Phone Case


Or, if you prefer, the opaque iPhone/iPod Skins


And there’s the Laptop Sleeve


And Laptop Skin


Or go old school and buy lined notebooks (Buy three and save!)


And while your writing, drink out of your own Roses & Lace mug


And take the Metal Travel Mug when you’re on the go


While wearing Unisex V Tops, Unisex Tank Tops, Hoodies and T-Shirts





And when you get home curl up under a Comforter (Duvets also available)


With your own Rectangular Pillow


While wearing your Leggings!


And looking at your Wall Tapestry


And if you’ve followed me all the way down to this last picture then a special Thank YOU!


Roses & Lace

R&L T shirt

“Roses & Lace” is a fashion design showing red roses with red and white leaves on a background of intricate lace weaving. You can find the original design at my Smugmug site. Above is a special heart shaped treatment of the design created especially for my Society6 shop. Society6 offers a variety of tops with this image, including Hoodies, V neck shirts, Tank Tops and this Biker Tank. As always, clicking on the images opens a new window at my shops.

R&L biker tank


There is also this All Over, both sides shirt.

R&L allover

and the ever popular Leggings, with gold roses on the belt!

R&L leggings

R&L leggings back


R&L shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Duvet

R&L duvet


R&L Iphone cases

Iphone Cases & Laptop Skins

R&L laptop skins


R&L mug

Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

R&L travel

Don’t forget that this image is also on other Society6 items like their rug, wall clock, tote bag, stationary cards and more. Check it out. And thanks for the visit.

August Guitar on S6

August Guitar

I’m reposting “August Guitar” on Society6.  That said, you are welcome to click on the above image to open a new window at my Smugmug site or on the below images that will take you to my S6 shop. Either sites offer the opportunity of purchasing this design on various products. Thanks for the visit!


August Guitar shirt

All over Shirt & Leggings

August Guitar Leggings


August Guitar shower curtain

Shower Curtains & Mugs

August Guitar mug


August Guitar Hoody

Hoodies & Biker Tanks

August Guitar Biker Tanks


August Guitar Phone Cases

Phone Cases & IPad Cases

August Guitar IPad cases

There are other items that can be purchased at my Society6 “August Landscapes” shop such as Framed Art Prints, Rugs, Throw Pillows, Stationary Cards  (which begs the question, “How do you send a stationary card?”) and other items such as this Wall Clock:

August Guitar Wall Clock

Well. I can see by the ol’ clock on the wall that it’s once again time to thank you for dropping by. Thanks!



Society6 Leggings

Society6 is now offering Leggings and to introduce this product I’m showcasing four of my products in this post.

Click on the images and you’ll go to my shop where you can get a front, side and back view of the products.  You’ll also get a close up to see how clear the image appears on the leggings.

FYI: if you get an image that reads “Rendering Artwork”, it only means Society6 is busily working away at processing an image for public display.  Thanks for the visit!


lily pad leggings back

Lily Pads

Gold Roses legging 2

Magnolias and Moon

FAMD leggings front

Flowers at my Door

WUTW leggings side

Walk under the Willow

I will be adding Leggings as time permits to my Society6 shop for those images that make a good product.  In the meantime, thanks again for the visit!

August in Bloom

August in Bloom

“August In Bloom” is an arrangement of white and green flowers on a purple, brown and green background.  It was specifically designed for merchandise that appears on my Cafepress site.  Such merchandise appears below.  As always, clicking on the images will open a new window that will take you with the above image to my Smugmug site, and with the below images to my Cafepress site.  Hope you are all getting plenty of sun this August!

AIB shower curtain

Shower Curtain, also on bath mat and beach towel.


AIB queen duvet

Queen duvet, also on twin and king.  And on pillows and cushions and blankets.

AIB wall clock

On a variety of wall clocks



AIB tank top


Also on a variety of other woman’s tees and pajamas.


AIB mug




AIB laptop sleeve

On laptop sleeves, 17″, plus on a laptop skin.


AIB clutch bag

Clutch Bag and on other bags, as well.

August Guitar

August Guitar“Autumn Leaves?”  Not quite.  “August Leaves.”  The red leaves are meant to represent the heat of an August day.  The guitarist is Eden Fine Day, a singer/song writer who’s album, “Things Get Better” is available on ITunes.  And you can check out her video, The Light, on Youtube.

Clicking on the above image will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can get a better view of the image.  Clicking on the below images will open new windows at my Cafepress site where you can purchase the image on duvets, tee shirts, rugs, shower curtains, jewelry and more.   Thanks again for visiting my site.  Enjoy August, everyone!


AG queen duvet    Queen Duvet, also King and Twin available


AG shower curtain   Shower Curtain


AG laptop sleeve   Laptop sleeves, 17″.  Also on Laptop skin


AG teapot   On a teapot


AG mug   Or on a mug


AG necklace   on a necklace


AG tank top   on tank tops and other tees


AG beach towel  And, of course, a beach towel for your summer fun!


Thanks again for the visit.

Angel Wings I

Golden Angel Wings cafepressHere is a set of golden wings that is available on most of the tee shirts sold on my Cafepress site.  Click on the above and you’ll open a new window at my Smugmug site.

You’ll not at Cafepress that I’ve placed the above wings first on just the back of the selection of woman’s tee shirts, then have the same set of tee shirts with the image on the front and the back.  My hope is to leave the decision, should you decide to purchase an item, to you as to whether you want the image on both sides, or just the back.

On most men’s tee shirts the above image is on the front.  However, some men’s merchandise has the following images on the front.

Angel Wings 2a

On men’s, and one of the women’s all over tee shirts, this image is also on the front with the following image on the back.

Angel Wings 2And the following set of images is on the front and back of another women’s all over tee shirt.

Heavenly Wings front

Heavenly Wings

Following are links to the tee shirts and other items available.  Note that clicking on any of the below images will open a new window at my Cafepress site for the Angel Wings I gallery.

AW I pajamas

On a set of pajamas.

AW I golf shirt   AW I golf shirt back

Front and back of men’s golf shirt.

AW I football   AW I football 2

Here is the image as seen on the back and front of a football T-Shirt.  Note that clicking on the first image will open a new window where the image is on the back of the t-shirt only, while clicking on the second image will lead you to the product with the image on the front and back.

AW I infant t shirt

Primary image on front & back of infant t-shirt.

AW I abby the bunny

on “Abby the Bunny”, or other stuffed toys.


AW I gym bag

on gym bag, also available on other bags.

Of course, there are many other tee shirts with this design so feel free to visit my Cafepress site or my Smugmug site which also makes these images available on merchandise.

Thanks, once again, for visiting my sites.  Stay Golden!


Humming Eagle 1

Humming Eagle 1

Humming Eagle 2

Humming Eagle 3

After seeing some wonderful First Nations Art at the Vancouver Art Gallery some years ago, I took inspiration from a sculpture that one artist made in which different angles showed different animals. I followed this artist’s lead and here, in “Humming Eagle 1,” I joined the hummingbird and eagle.

In native lore the hummingbird is a messenger of peace that assists you through life’s challenges. The eagle is a messenger to the creator whose wings symbolize the balance between male and female and how they must work together to achieve harmonious results. The Humming Eagle is then a reminder that if we wish peace and harmony in our relationships, that we need to work together.

As always, clicking on the above images will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can better view them. And clicking below will open a new window at my Cafepress site. Thank you for checking out this site!

humming eagle I mug   Two types of mugs available.


Humming Eagle Maternity   On a sleeveless Maternity t-shirt.  Many other t-shirts also available with this image.


Humming Eagle I gym bag   On a gym bag.



Humming Eagle II wall clock   Three types of wall clocks with Humming Eagle II.


Humming Bird III diaper bag   Humming Eagle III on both sides of a diaper bag.


Humming Eagle III Shower Curtain   Humming Eagle III on shower curtain.


Humming Eagle III laptop skin   Humming Eagle III on a laptop skin.  Both Humming Eagle II & III are also available on laptop sleeves.


As an FYI: There are three versions of Humming Eagle as each is particularly suited to the type of merchandise available through CafePress.  I felt Humming Eagle III looked better on the shower curtain because it blends in better than Humming Eagle II.  And Humming Eagle I is a simpler design that, from my observations, appears even redder the further you get from it.

Hope you enjoy this version of “Humming Eagle 1”.  And that you’ll also check out “Humming Eagle 2” on August Landscapes.



Roses n Lace

Roses n Lace


lacy rose oval

Above is a design created especially for merchandise sold on my Cafepress site.    Click on either to open in a new window where you can view them at full size at my Smugmug site.  Click on the below images to see them at my Cafepress site.

The initial impetus for this design was the appliques sewn onto a costume seen on a music video.  From there it evolved into a question of how to apply a lace effect onto a Cafepress overall print on both side, tee shirt.   As to how successful I was is up to you to decide.  But I do wonder if some enterprising fashion designer hasn’t already thought of this lace on tee shirt idea.  And how successful he or she was at it.


Roses n Lace Wooden Wall Clock    Wooden Wall Clock.


Roses n Lace shower curtain   Shower Curtain


Roses n Lace mug   Mugs


Roses n Lace Queen Duvet  Queen Duvet, also available on twin and king duvet covers.


Roses n Lace woman's lite pajamas   Woman’s light pajamas


Roses n Lace Samsung galaxy  Samsung Galaxy S4 Case.  Also available on many other Cafepress computer items.


Roses n Lace necklace heart charm   Necklace heart charm.  Also available on other jewelry items such as wine charms, silver charms and key chains.


Roses n Lace laptop sleeve   Available on Laptop sleeves, 17″.


I’ve been getting better at adapting and applying my work to fit on more Cafepress items.  Above are just a sample of what’s available that includes jewelry cases, laptop covers, curtains, scarfs, rugs, pillows and blankets, just to name a few.

Thank you once again for taking the time to view my material.  I hope it was as enjoyable for you as making this design was for me.  Take care!

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