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“Wood Hyacinth by the Shore” is a digital painting that is available at my Society6 shop on various merchandise ranging from art prints to tech accessories, fashion and home decor. Clicking on any of the below images will open a new window for the product at Society6. Hope you enjoy this image as much as I did creating it. Thanks for the visit!

All Over (both sides) Shirt & Leggings


Uni-sex Tank Top & T-Shirts


BackPack or Totebag


Iphone Case (& Skins)

Laptop (or Ipad) Skins & Laptop Cases


Window Curtains & Rugs


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat

& Hand and Bath Towels



Comforters (and Duvets) & Rectangular Pillows (or Pillow Shams)




Wall Clocks

And the list goes on so I’ll stop now.


Cherry Blossom Special


“Cherry Blossom Special” is a collage, of sorts, of photos taken over the past springs when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. The images were processed with Adobe Photoshop CC2017 and Topaz Impression 2. Hope they and the products get you ready for spring! (Don’t forget to click on the images to go to the specific products at my Society6 shop!)


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


& Hand and Bath Towels




Comforters & Mugs




Hoodies & Unisex Tank Tops (+ other types of Tees)


And Leggings!




Laptop and Ipad skins & Clear iPhone Case




Biker Tank & iPhone and IPod Cases




Throw Blanket and Wall Tapestry


Also available on Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, Rugs, Duvet Cover, Laptop Sleeves, Beach Towel, Notebooks and more! Thanks for the visit!

Roses & Lace II


As Society6 has altered the way designs are uploaded and added a clear case for iPhones for that upload, I’ve re-entered “Roses & Lace” onto my shop to take advantage of the changes. The original is still there but if you click on any of the images in this post you will be magically transported to the new upload, in a new window. Hope you like the design. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Shower Curtain and S6’s new Bath Mats!


Plus Hand and Bath Towels, buy a set of two and save!


Or try the Beach Towels


Before I forget, here’s the Clear Phone Case


Or, if you prefer, the opaque iPhone/iPod Skins


And there’s the Laptop Sleeve


And Laptop Skin


Or go old school and buy lined notebooks (Buy three and save!)


And while your writing, drink out of your own Roses & Lace mug


And take the Metal Travel Mug when you’re on the go


While wearing Unisex V Tops, Unisex Tank Tops, Hoodies and T-Shirts





And when you get home curl up under a Comforter (Duvets also available)


With your own Rectangular Pillow


While wearing your Leggings!


And looking at your Wall Tapestry


And if you’ve followed me all the way down to this last picture then a special Thank YOU!

Pixie Amid Foxgloves


“Pixie Amid Foxgloves” is a digital rendering using Topaz software that combines photos of flowers in my garden and a pixie. Click on the above to view in my Smugmug site or on the below images to view at my Society6 shop.


Framed Art.



iPhone and iPod Skins & Laptop Sleeves




Shower Curtains & Hand/Bath Towels




Both sides All Over Shirt & Leggings




Notebook (actual book) & Laptop/iPad Skins




Duvet Cover & Wall Clock


And more, all at my Society6 shop!

Field of Daisies

Field of Daisies signed 72dpi

“Field of Daisies” is a digitally painted landscape showing a field of grass and daisies growing in the summer. Click on the above to view or purchase it at my Smugmug Site. Or on the below images for my Society6 shop.  You may also access this at my Cafepress site by clicking on the link.


FOD all over shirt

All Over Shirt & Leggings

FOB leggings front


FOB shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Hand and Bath Towels

FOB hand & bath towels 4


FOB duvet

Duvet & Rectangular Pillow

FOB rectangular pillow


FOB wall tapestry

Wall Tapestry & Throw Blanket

FOB throw blanket


FOB iPad case iPad mini

iPad Case/iPad Mini & iPhone and iPod Case

iPhone & iPod case


FOB laptop sleeves

Laptop Sleeve & Tote Bag

FOB tote bag


FOB travel mug

Travel Mug & Stationary Cards

FOB stationary cards

& More!

FOB leggings side

Like all sorts of t-shirts, biker and tank tops, mugs, etc. Just check out my shops. And thanks for the visit!

Lily Hummingbird

“Lily Hummingbird” is a digital painting of a hummingbird done in First Nations style visiting a lily. Click on the above to view it at my Smugmug site or on any of the below images to view or purchase it on Society6 merchandise. Enjoy your summer!

LH womans allover

All Over (both sides) Shirt and Leggings

LH leggings front


LH mug m

Mug and Travel Mug

LH travel mug


LH shower

Shower Curtain & Duvet

LH duvet


LH framed art

Framed Art or Wall Clock

LH clock m


LH long sleeve tee

Various Shirts with an oval design / Totes

LH tote


And as laptop skins & sleeves, phone cases & skins and on Ipad cases and skins.

LH skins


Don’t forget to check out the other merchandise (e.g., towels, tapestries, etc). Thanks for the visit!



Tulips S6 AL

Time surely does fly. Winter has turned to spring and I’ve not posted since the end of January. But my time has not been wasted as I’ve updated many of the images on my Society6 shop that suffered when translated to some of the merchandise, such as the tapestries and printed overall shirts. And so here is a new image titled, “Tulips”.  View it up close or purchase it via my Smugmug site by clicking on the above image, then following the “buy” instructions. Or click on the images below to go to my Society6 shop.


Tulips shirt

All Over Shirt or Leggings

Tulips legging side



Tulips shower curtain

Shower Curtain or Duvet Cover

Tulips duvet



Tulips clock merch

Wall Clock or Mug

Tulips mug



tulips iPad mini case

iPad Tablet Cases / iPad mini & Phone Cases like the below iPhone 6 Adventure Case

Tulips Iphone case

Tulips laptop skins

Laptop Skins & Sleeves

Tulips laptop sleeves

And let’s not forget Art Prints available with different colored frames.

Tulips Art Print

And check out the blankets, tapestries, the variety of t-shirts, etc, all available at my shop. Thanks for the visit!

Roses & Lace

R&L T shirt

“Roses & Lace” is a fashion design showing red roses with red and white leaves on a background of intricate lace weaving. You can find the original design at my Smugmug site. Above is a special heart shaped treatment of the design created especially for my Society6 shop. Society6 offers a variety of tops with this image, including Hoodies, V neck shirts, Tank Tops and this Biker Tank. As always, clicking on the images opens a new window at my shops.

R&L biker tank


There is also this All Over, both sides shirt.

R&L allover

and the ever popular Leggings, with gold roses on the belt!

R&L leggings

R&L leggings back


R&L shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Duvet

R&L duvet


R&L Iphone cases

Iphone Cases & Laptop Skins

R&L laptop skins


R&L mug

Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

R&L travel

Don’t forget that this image is also on other Society6 items like their rug, wall clock, tote bag, stationary cards and more. Check it out. And thanks for the visit.

Orchid with Impasto

Orchid with Impasto t

“Orchid with Impasto” is a lavender/mauve orchid on a similarly colored impasto background. It’s available on my Society6 shop on various items, some of which are shown below. Click on any of the images or links to open a new window where you can see the products on S6 or the above image on my Smugmug site. I hope you are enjoying your day and thank you for visiting my sites. Take care!


OWI shirt

All Over Shirt & Leggings

OWI leggings


OWI shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Mug

OWI mug


OWI clock

Wall Clocks and Rugs

OWI rugs


OWI laptop skins

Laptop Skins and Sleeves

OWI laptop sleeves


OWI unisex tank tops

Unisex Tank Tops & Hoody / Unisex Pullovers (both sides printed)

OWI pullover


IPhone & Ipod Cases,Throw Pillows, Tapestries, Tote Bags and other items also available at my “August Landscapes” Society6 shop. Please feel free to give it a visit and, once again, thanks for the visit!

Rainy Day Flowers

Rainy Day Flowers

Rainy Day Flowers” is a digital abstract/impasto painting that started with two photos, one of rain and another of flowers, with the above as the final result. As you can tell, the rain disappeared into the background of color but to those who love the rain, that’s what it looks like.

Click on the above image to see it at my Smugmug site, or on the below images to see it at my Society6 and Cafepress sites.  Thanks for the visit!

RDF shower curtain

Society6 Shower Curtain & Cafepress Bathmat

REF CP bathmat


RDF all over shirt

Society6 All Over Shirts (both sides) & Leggings

RDF leggings

RDF mug

Society 6 Mug (above) or Cafepress Mug (below)



RDF laptop skins

Society6 Laptop Skins & Sleeves

RDF laptop sleeves


RDF clock

Society6 Wall Clocks (above) or Cafepress (below)

RDF CP clock


RDF duvet

Society6 Duvet Cover & Cafepress Window Curtains

REF CP curtains

There is more merchandise at both my Society6 and Cafepress sites such as t-shirts, pajamas, covers for pillows, cushions, cards, phone cases, etc. Please feel free to check out both sites and remember that Smugmug also offers this image on products of their own. Thanks again for the visit!

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