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Summer House

“Summer House” is an impasto painting to get you in a summer mood. Clicking on the various images in this post will open a new window at my Society6 site where you may purchase the image on various products or as prints and framed art. Hope you’re enjoying your day!

Society6’s newest merchandise, Wall Murals!

Wall Curtains


Shower Curtains

Duvets (Comforters, too!)

Pillows (various kinds like the Throw Pillow shown above)

Coffee Mugs (And metal travel mugs, too.)

iPhone Cases

iPhone Skins


Duffle Bags

Printed on both side Shirts


Unisex Tank Tops


Wall Clocks

Stationary Cards

And much more! Towels, Laptop Skins, Bath Mats, Wall Tapestry, Framed Art. Check it out!


Autumn in the Park

“Autumn in the Park” is an impressionist style digital painting available on my Society6 site. Clicking on any of the below images will open a new window at that site at the particular merchandise displayed in the image. Hope you like it!

All Over Shirt (both sides) & Leggings


Backpack and Duffle Bag


Shower Curtain and Rug


Circular or Square Floor Pillows


Hoodies and various T-shirts


Stationary Cards and Notebooks


Comforters and Duvet Covers


Coffee Mugs and Wall Clocks

And there’s a variety of other types of merchandise also available at my site, such as iPhone covers, Laptop skins & sleeves, wall art, wall tapestries, beach & bath towels, pillows, carry-all pouches, stickers and tote bags. Hope you can find time to check them out. Thanks for the visit!

Autumn Day

I took Society6’s advice and refrained from new posts in the lead up to Thanksgivings and Christmas. Back now with “Autumn Day”. Hope you like it. Click on the below images to view the merchandise I’ve placed it on at my Society6 shop. And thanks for the visit to my site.

All over print (both sides) & Leggings!


Duffle Bag or Tote Bag

Or Backpack


Shower Curtain & Hand and Bath Towels


Duvet’s (twin shown) and pillows

And Comforters (twin shown below)

Coffee Mugs and Traveler Mugs


Iphone Skins & iPhone Cases


Various t-shirts and hoodies

Wall clock & Wall Tapestry


Wall Curtains & Metal Prints

And don’t forget there’s even more to see on my Society6 site. Thanks for checking out my stuff!


Winter Moonlight


“Winter Moonlight” is an impressionist style digital painting. Click on the above and a new window will open at my Smugmug site where you may view it and purchase it. Or you can click on any of the below images where you can purchase it on various merchandise at my Society6 shop. Thanks for the visit!



Allover Shirt & Leggings




Framed Wall Art & Wall Tapestry





Laptop and iPad Skins & iPhone and iPad Cases




Stationary Cards & Lined Notebook




Rectangular Pillow & Throw Pillow




Wall Clock & Comforter




Tote Bag & Shower Curtain


And much, much more available at my shop, like towels, rugs, throw blankets, biker tops, t-shirts, etc. Drop by for a visit!


Pumpkin Patch


“Pumpkin Patch” is a digital painting done with Corel Painter 2017’s loaded palette knife. Click on the above to view it at my Smugmug site or on the below images to view it at my Society6 shop. At that shop you can purchase the image on a variety of home decor, fashion, art prints, tech gear, etc. All in time for the autumn and Thanksgivings! Thanks for visiting my sites.


All Over Shirts (men or women) & Leggings




Metal Print & Framed Art Print




Tech stuff like the above iPhone case or the below Laptop Sleeve




Travel Mugs or just ol’ Mugs




Shower Curtain & Hand/Bath Towels




Duvet Covers & Wall Tapestries




Tote Bags & Wall Clocks



August 2016 2749

“August” is a digital painting done with Corel Painter 17 loaded palette knife. Click on the above image to view and purchase it at my Smugmug site. Or click on the below images to access it at my Society6 shop.

Aug allover

All Over Shirt & Leggings

Aug leggings


Aug canvas print

Canvas Print & Framed Art Print

Aug framed art print


Aug laptop & iPad skin

Laptop Skins & Laptop Sleeves

Aug laptop sleeve


Aug mug

Mugs & Travel Mugs

Aug travel mug


Aug shower

Shower Curtain & Hand and Bath Towels

Aug bath towel


Aug duvet

Duvet Covers & Rectangular Pillows

Aug rectangular pillow



Aug rug

Rugs & Wall Tapestries

Aug tapestry


Aug wall clock

Wall Clocks and more merchandise available at my site!

Thanks for the visit!

Colony Farm Breakup

Colony Farm Breakup signed

“Colony Farm Breakup” is a digital painting done with Corel Painter 2016 taken from an original photograph of Colony Farm in Coquitlam BC. The main brush used was an impressionist brush. To get a better view click on the above image to see it at my Smugmug site where you can purchase it. You may also click on the below images to view and purchase it on Society6 merchandise. Hope none of you are breaking up with anything but laughter this month of August!

CFB Framed Art Print

Framed Art Print or Canvas Print

CFB canvas print


CFB iPhone case

iPhone & iPod Case iPhone 6 Slim Case

& iPhone iPod Skin iPhone 6

CFB iPhone iPod case


CFB iPad Case iPad mini

iPad Case iPad mini & Laptop Sleeve

CFB laptop sleeve


CFB carry all pouch

Carry All Pouch & Tote Bag

CFB tote


CFB tshirt

T-Shirt & Leggings

CFB leggings


CFB shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Hand and Bath Towels

CFB hand towel


CFB duvet

Duvet Cover & Rectangular Pillow

CFB pillow


CFB allover

All Over Both Sides Shirt & Stationary Cards + More

CFB Stationary Cards

Thanks for the visit!

Field of Daisies

Field of Daisies signed 72dpi

“Field of Daisies” is a digitally painted landscape showing a field of grass and daisies growing in the summer. Click on the above to view or purchase it at my Smugmug Site. Or on the below images for my Society6 shop.  You may also access this at my Cafepress site by clicking on the link.


FOD all over shirt

All Over Shirt & Leggings

FOB leggings front


FOB shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Hand and Bath Towels

FOB hand & bath towels 4


FOB duvet

Duvet & Rectangular Pillow

FOB rectangular pillow


FOB wall tapestry

Wall Tapestry & Throw Blanket

FOB throw blanket


FOB iPad case iPad mini

iPad Case/iPad Mini & iPhone and iPod Case

iPhone & iPod case


FOB laptop sleeves

Laptop Sleeve & Tote Bag

FOB tote bag


FOB travel mug

Travel Mug & Stationary Cards

FOB stationary cards

& More!

FOB leggings side

Like all sorts of t-shirts, biker and tank tops, mugs, etc. Just check out my shops. And thanks for the visit!

Cliff Hanger

Cliff Hanger Signed

“Cliff Hanger” is digitally painted with a palette knife. It can be viewed better by clicking on the above image at my Smugmug site where you can purchase it. You can also purchase it on Society6 merchandise by clicking on the below images. Or at my Cafepress site. I trust your summer will have it’s own cliff hanger moments! Thanks for the visit.


CH overall

All Over Shirt & Leggings

CF leggings side


CH shower

Shower Curtain & Hand/Bath Towels

CH hand & bath towels


CH mugs

Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

CH travel mug


CH laptop sleeve

Laptop Sleeve & Skins for Laptops and iPads

CH laptop Ipad skins


Iphone & iPod cases

IPhone & iPod Case iPhone 6 Slim Case

CH biker tank

Biker Tank

Ch Throw Pillow

Throw Pillow

Ch rec Pillow

Rectangular Pillow & Duvet Cover

CH duvet

There are other items available at Society6 such as Stationary Cards, Throw Blankets, Hoodies, Wall Clocks and the like. Check it out.


Morning Field

Morning Field 0024 T

“Morning Field” is a digitally rendered watercolor of the sun just risen over a field. Click the above to see it better at my Smugmug site or on the below images to access it as merchandise on my Society6 shop.  Hope all your mornings are beautiful!

MF allover

All Over Shirt and Leggings

MF leggings


MF shower

Shower Curtains and Duvet Covers

MF duvet


MF clock

Wall Clocks and Stationary Cards

MF cards


MF laptop

Laptop Skins and Mugs

MF mug


MF pillow

Pillow Cases and Various Tees

MF tshirt

Above is just a sample of the various merchandise on which you will find “Morning Field” at my Society6 “August Landscapes” shop. Also available are Wall Tapestries, Canvas Prints, Framed Art Prints, Iphone & Ipad Cases, Throw Blankets and a whole lot more. Check it out at your leisure and thanks for the visit!

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