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Daisy on the Bridge

Daisy on the Bridge signed

“Daisy on the Bridge” is a digital painting of Daisy the dog on a snow day. Here she is crossing a bridge, hanging out just like her tongue. It was a good day for both she and me.

Click on the above to see the image in greater detail at my Smugmug site where you can purchase it. Or click on the below images to find it at my Society6 shop. Note that Society6 is now providing short 30 second videos of most of the products.  They are just below the images these links take you to.

You may also purchase this at my Cafepress site. Hope that wherever you are today that you’re having as much fun as Daisy!



DOTB all over

Both Side All Over Shirts & Leggings

DOTB leggings

Or various T-Shirts

DOTB tee shirt


DOTB mug

Mugs & Travel Mugs

DOTB travel mug


DOTB shower curtain

Shower Curtains & Rugs

DOTB rug


DOTB tote bag

Tote Bags & Throw Blankets

DOTB throw blanket

More items like wall clocks, stationary cards, laptop & Iphone covers are also available at my sites. Feel free to check them out at your leisure and thanks for visiting!


Autumn Deer

Autumn Deer

“Autumn Deer” is a digital painting of a deer on a forest floor blanketed by autumnal leaves. The painting is on French watercolor paper. I hope you enjoy your autumn season and this painting. Note that clicking on the images and links in this post will open new windows that take you to my Smugmug and Society6 shops.

AD S6 shirt

All over Shirt, both sides & Leggings

AD S6 leggings


AD S6 mugs

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AD S6 wall clock


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AD S6 shower curtain

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AD S6 duvet


Even a Wall Tapestry

AD S6 Tapestry


Thanks for visiting my sites. And don’t forget to take some time to snuggle up in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate while reading a good book!

Roses & Squirrel

Rose & Squirrel signed 0011f

“Roses & Squirrel” is a digital painting of my rose bush outside my window.  The squirrel wanted in on the picture, too.  See it on my Society6 “August Landscapes” site where you can, of course, purchase it on various types of merchandise as illustrated below.  And if you want to view the above image more closely click on it and you’ll be magically transported to my Smugmug site where you can also purchase it.  Thanks for the visit!

R&S all over shirt

All over print shirt & leggings

R&S leggings


R&S shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Rug

R&S rug


R&S iPhone cases

IPhone cases & Laptop Sleeves

R&S laptop sleeves


R&S mugs

Mugs & Duvet Covers

R&S duvet cover

And Wall Clocks

R&S wall clock

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the products available on Society6’s “August Landscapes”.  Once again, thanks for the visit!

Humming Eagle 1

Humming Eagle 1

Humming Eagle 2

Humming Eagle 3

After seeing some wonderful First Nations Art at the Vancouver Art Gallery some years ago, I took inspiration from a sculpture that one artist made in which different angles showed different animals. I followed this artist’s lead and here, in “Humming Eagle 1,” I joined the hummingbird and eagle.

In native lore the hummingbird is a messenger of peace that assists you through life’s challenges. The eagle is a messenger to the creator whose wings symbolize the balance between male and female and how they must work together to achieve harmonious results. The Humming Eagle is then a reminder that if we wish peace and harmony in our relationships, that we need to work together.

As always, clicking on the above images will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can better view them. And clicking below will open a new window at my Cafepress site. Thank you for checking out this site!

humming eagle I mug   Two types of mugs available.


Humming Eagle Maternity   On a sleeveless Maternity t-shirt.  Many other t-shirts also available with this image.


Humming Eagle I gym bag   On a gym bag.



Humming Eagle II wall clock   Three types of wall clocks with Humming Eagle II.


Humming Bird III diaper bag   Humming Eagle III on both sides of a diaper bag.


Humming Eagle III Shower Curtain   Humming Eagle III on shower curtain.


Humming Eagle III laptop skin   Humming Eagle III on a laptop skin.  Both Humming Eagle II & III are also available on laptop sleeves.


As an FYI: There are three versions of Humming Eagle as each is particularly suited to the type of merchandise available through CafePress.  I felt Humming Eagle III looked better on the shower curtain because it blends in better than Humming Eagle II.  And Humming Eagle I is a simpler design that, from my observations, appears even redder the further you get from it.

Hope you enjoy this version of “Humming Eagle 1”.  And that you’ll also check out “Humming Eagle 2” on August Landscapes.



Mare with Colt

Horses and barn VIOne of the advantages of living in the Vancouver area of British Columbia is the array of subjects you can photograph and turn into a painting in any given day.  Above is a mare with its colt in front of a barn.  Each of these figures comes from a separate photograph, although the horses are mom and child.  And all were taken one summer’s day while bicycling the Telegraph Road south of Langley, BC, a few kilometers from Vancouver.  They were joined, processed and finally run through Painter X3 to create this digital painting.

Click on the above and you’ll go to my Smugmug site.  Click on the below and you’ll go to my Cafepress site.  Once there, you can purchase the picture either for framing or on merchandise.  Below is just a sample of available merchandise.  Others include duvets, tee-shirts, water bottles, rugs, shower curtains, etc.

Mare with Colt baseball hat   Baseball hat, others also available at Cafepress site.


Mare with Colt materninty Tee  Long sleeve maternity Tee-shirt, machine wash cold


Mare with colt wall clock      10 inch wall clock. Black plastic case. Requires 1 AA battery.



Mare with Colt Mug  Measures 3.75″ tall, 3″ diameter.  Holds 11 oz.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Mare with colt 17 inch laptop sleeve  17 inch laptop sleeve, also available in 13 and 15 inches


Mare with Colt diaper bag  Diaper bag.  Other bags also available at Cafepress site.

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