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West Coast Eagle

“West Coast Eagle” was inspired by the rain forest of British Columbia. This particular image started as a photograph of an eagle sitting on a wooden pylon by the river. The background was changed to feature the forest and the mountains of the west coast.  Click on the above image to view it at my Smugmug site where you may purchase it. Or click on the bottom images to purchase it at the various merchandise at my Society6 shop. Hope this image brings you a sense of nature. Thanks for the visit!


Biker Tank & Leggings


All Over Shirt & T-Shirt


Beach Towel & Metal Travel Mug


iPhone and iPod Case & Tote Bag


Laptop and iPad Skins & Laptop Sleeves


Framed Art Print & Metal Prints


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Hand and Bath Towels & Wall Clocks



Duvet Covers & Rectangular Pillows


Comforter & Throw Blankets


Notebook & Mug


Wall Tapestry & Wall Curtains and MORE!



Heron Moon


“Heron Moon” is a digital painting on a textured surface. It is available at both my Smugmug and Society6 sites. Clicking on the above image will take you to the former, while merchandise at the later can be accessed by clicking of the below images. Thanks for the visit!



All Over Shirt & Leggings




Duvet Cover & Rectangular Pillow




Laptop Sleeves & Laptop Skins




Shower Curtains & Towels (Beach and Hand & Bath Towels)




Framed Art Print & Metal Prints




iPad Case & iPhone iPod Cases




Wall Clock & Rug




Throw Blanket & Throw Pillow




Hoodie & Travel Mug


Of course, there are many more items available especially when it comes to shirts (Tee’s, biker tops, V necks, etc.) Check it out!

Lily Hummingbird

“Lily Hummingbird” is a digital painting of a hummingbird done in First Nations style visiting a lily. Click on the above to view it at my Smugmug site or on any of the below images to view or purchase it on Society6 merchandise. Enjoy your summer!

LH womans allover

All Over (both sides) Shirt and Leggings

LH leggings front


LH mug m

Mug and Travel Mug

LH travel mug


LH shower

Shower Curtain & Duvet

LH duvet


LH framed art

Framed Art or Wall Clock

LH clock m


LH long sleeve tee

Various Shirts with an oval design / Totes

LH tote


And as laptop skins & sleeves, phone cases & skins and on Ipad cases and skins.

LH skins


Don’t forget to check out the other merchandise (e.g., towels, tapestries, etc). Thanks for the visit!


Swan and Turtle

Swan & Turtle 2250 D vig

“Swan and Turtle”, or should I call it Swan vs. Turtle, as this turtle tried to dislodge the swan from the rock so it could get some rays, is available on my Smugmug, Society6 and Cafepress sites on various merchandise. Just click on the links or on the photos to go to these sites.

Don’t forget to explore all the merchandise on my sites as what you see here is only part of what’s available.

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S&T CP shower curtain

Cafepress Shower Curtain and Bathmat

S&T bathmat


S&T overall shirt

Society6 Print on both sides, Overall shirt & Leggings

S&T leggings

S&T earrings

Cafepress Earrings & Keepsake Box

S&T Keepsake Box

S&T mug

Society6 Mugs and Wall Clocks

S&T wall clock

S&T phone cases

Society6 Phone Cases & Phone Skins

S&T phone skins

And for a different size shower curtain try the Society6 one

S&T shower curtain

or the Society6 Duvet Cover

S&T Duvet


Woodpecker 2216 2

This Sapsucker Woodpecker was busily looking for insects on the forest floor when it suddenly hid his head behind his opened wings.  Then he lifted his head and posed as shown. I digitally painted the floor and added some saturation to the bird, itself, to bring out the colors.  Click on the above image and see it in greater detail at my Smugmug site. Or click on the below images to see it on my Society 6 and Cafepress sites where you can also buy it on merchandise.  Thanks for the visit!

Woodpecker all over

Society 6 All Over Print (both sides!) and Leggings

Woodpecker leggings


Woodpecker phone cases

Society6 Phone Cases & Laptop Sleeves

Woodpecker laptop sleeves


Woodpecker duvet   Cafepress Duvet covers (Queen shown)

Woodpecker pillow case   Cafepress pillow covers.


Woodpecker dog tshirt   Cafepress Dog T-shirt.

Woodpecker dog bed   Cafepress Dog Bed


Woodpecker Art Print

Society6 Framed Art Print & Mug

Woodpecker mug

Don’t forget that there are three sites on which you can view and purchase my work, on my Smugmug site, Society6 and Cafepress. Links are provided here and above.

Flowers at my Door

Flowers at my Door

“Flowers at my Door” is available on Society6 as well as at my Smugmug site.  The flowers and the chickadee were photographed just outside my front door, although not at the same time.  A textured background was added that tends to add, I think, a certain Japanese look to the chickadee.  Or not.  You decide!

Remember that clicking on the images will open new windows but if you want to go directly to it on the Society6 site, click here.

FAMD shower curtain

Shower Curtain

FAMD mug

Mug (click on image to find the handle:)

FAMD framed art print

Famed art print

FAMD laptop skin

laptop skin

FAMD phone cases

phone cases

FAMD tote bag

Tote Bag

FAMD tees


FAMD leggings back

assorted T-shirts

FAMD clock

wall clock

FAMD duvet

duvet cover

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When I grow up I want to be an eagle.  Till then, I can only imagine what it would be like to find an updraft and soar into the heavens, leaving the pesky crows behind.

Clicking on the above will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can also view the variations of this image applied to the products.  Click on the below and you go to my Cafepress site.

Hope you are all anticipating with joy the approaching spring.  Thanks for visiting!

Eagle shower curtain Shower Curtain

Eagle mug   mugs also in B&W

Eagle B&W mug


Eagle Tees   On women’s tees


Eagle golf shirt  Men’s golf shirt and t-shirts


Eagle golf ball  golf balls


Eagle License Plate   License Plate


Eagle dog bed   Dog bed for your bird dog!

Winter Ducks



Winter Ducks

While strolling through the park one winter’s day I came across these ducks that came out of the pond en masse and started walking towards me.  However, when I took a step towards them with my camera they stopped and turned to the left and right to avoid me.  All except one brave fellow who’s left of middle in the bottom image and is featured in the top, but repositioned to add the two other ducks.

Clicking on the above will open new windows at my Smugmug site.  Doing the same on the below images will open a new window at my Cafepress site.  After the Cafepress image links you will also find links to my Society6 site where this same image is displayed on their available merchandise.  This is only the second time I’ve offered the same image on all three sites as I felt they translate well on both Society6 and Cafepress.  Thanks for visiting!

WD shower   Cafepress Shower Curtain



WD clock  Cafepress wall clock


WD men's V-neck  men’s V-neck Tee

Other t-shirts with this image also available for men and women.


WD women t-shirts

Tees available with duck closeup



WD mug  Cafepress mugs


Here follows Society6 merchandise


WD framed art

Society6 Framed Art Print

WD iPhone & iPod

Society6 iPhone & iPod cases.

WD duvet

Society6 duvets

WD laptop skin

Society6 Laptop skins

WD shower S6

Society6 shower curtain

WD S6 mug

Society6 mugs


Well.  If you’ve gotten to the end I thank you again for your patience in viewing this image filled post.  Take Care!



First Nations Shoji Screen 2

Here, in “Humming Eagle 2,” I joined the hummingbird and eagle after a First Nations fashion then used a multilens to create an effect somewhat like a Japanese Shoji screen.

In native lore the hummingbird is a messenger of peace that assists you through life’s challenges. The eagle is a messenger to the creator whose wings symbolize the balance between male and female and how they must work together to achieve harmonious results. The Humming Eagle is then a reminder that if we wish peace and harmony in our relationships, that we need to work together.

As always, clicking on the above images will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can better view them. And clicking below will open a new window at my Society6 site. Thank you for checking out this site!


Shower Curtain

FNSS shower curtain


Duvet Cover

FNSS duvet


T-shirts like this biker tank

FNSS tees



FYI: for some reason Society6 is not showing the leggings for this product properly.  The image for the back has the shaded parts of the leg as black!  I hope they correct this right away.

FNSS leggings


Framed Art Print

FNSS framed


Stationary Cards

FNSS cards


Laptop skins

FNSS Laptop



FNSS clocks



FNSS mug

FNNS mugs 2

Thanks for the visit and, “Take care!”

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