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Stop Signs!

Stop signs

“Stop Signs” was originally on my Cafepress site but I’ve added it to my Society6 shop now, too. The origin of this image is an actual set of stop signs that were all lined up as seen in the above image. I don’t know why they were there. Perhaps this is where stop signs wait for an intersection to be built so they can start their lives. In any event I snapped a picture and worked on it to give it a slightly surrealistic look with waves in the posts and signs, plus adding the darker areas. Hope you like it!

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Now you can own your own stop watch Wall Clock.

SSS6 stop watch


Or if you need a reminder to drink less coffee,

SSS6 mug

Mug or Travel Mug

SSS6 Travel mug


Or if you need a reminder about your budget, get this Tote Bag for shopping

SSS6 tote bag

and this Phone Case for phoning

SSS6 phone cases


And the All Over Shirt and Leggings are great ways to send a subtle message that you don’t want to be bothered.

SSS6 allover shirt


SS6 leggings front

front & back

SSS6 legging back


Of course, there is other merchandise at my Society6 shop but I’ll end with the T-Shirt

SSS6 t shirt

And the shower curtain for those who are tired of the toilet being flushed on them!

SSS6 shower curtain

Thanks again for the visit and “Stop” by again!


October Bench 2015

“Autumn Bench” may just as easily be called “Havest Bench”. It shows a collection of organic produce being offered for sale at the side of the road. Just pick your produce, drop your money in the can and your half-way to a delightful Thanksgiving feast. All you need is the free range turkey.

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OB women all over

Women and Men’s all over shirts (Great for the “Herb” in your life!)

OB men all over


OB leggings

Leggings (Great if your name is Rosemary or Oregano:)

OB leggings back


OB tees

Women & Men’s Tee shirts (various colors)


OB mug

Mugs and Wall Clocks

OB clock


OB IPhone case

IPhone Cases & Framed Art

OB framed


Duvet Cover

OB duvet


Don’t forget that other types of t-shirts and cases are available through Society6. As well as tote bags, laptop sleeves and covers, throw pillow cases, rugs, etc. Check it out and thanks for the visit!

August Green

Forest Path

Nothing is more inviting than a cool forest path in the August heat.  And in Vancouver and it’s surrounding suburbs you will always find some park or forested area just off the main roads, as with this path in New Westminster, the first capital of British Columbia.

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