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White Storm

“White Storm” is another of the short series of photographs taken on White Rock beach turned into digital paintings on my Society6 shop. Click on the above to view or purchase at my Smugmug site. Or on the below images to access it on merchandise on my S6 site.  Thanks for the visit!

All Over Shirt & Leggings


Long Sleeve T-shirt & Leggings


Tote Bag & Beach Towel


Notebook & Mug


Clear iPhone Case & iPhone/iPod Skin


Laptop Skin & Laptop Sleeve


Shower Curtain & Bathmat

Plus Hand and Bath Towels


Comforter (Duvet Covers also available) & Rectangular Pillows (Pillow Shams, too!)


Plus Throw Pillows and Floor Pillows


And for your wall, Framed Art Print and Wall Clock


Don’t forget to check out the rest of the merchandise!

White Rock Row Boat II

“White Rock Row Boat II” is one of a short series of photographs turned into digital paintings that were some of the first I did when I started doing art on computers. It’s been on my Society6 shop for some time but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to feature it here on my WordPress site.  Click on the above to see it in a new window at my Smugmug site. Or on any of the below images to view it at my Society6 shop. Hope it gives you something to think about in terms of what you want to do in the summer.  Thanks for the visit!


All Over Both Sides Shirt

Tote Bag

Beach Towel

Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Framed Art or Art Print


Duvet Cover and Rectangular Pillow


Wall Clock

Mugs, and more!


Sailing II

Sailing IIb

“Sailing II” is available at my Society6 Shop that you can access by clicking on any of the below images. You can also better view Sailing II at my Smugmug shop by clicking on the above image which also offers select merchandise. Hope the work whets your appetite for summer!


Sailing Ii t shirt

T-Shirts and Leggings

Sailing II leggings


Sailing II shower

Shower Curtains & Duvet

Sailing II duvet


Sailing II mug

Mugs and Stationary Cards

Sailing II cards


Sailing II allover

All Over Shirts and Framed Art

Sailing II framed art

Other merchandise like phone casings, pillow cases, rugs, laptop skins & sleeves, tote bags, etc., are also available on the Society6 site. Please check them out. And thanks for the visit!


The Sea 1880

“Sailing”  is an abstraction painting of a sailboat and lighthouse at sunrise. Click on the above to view it at my Smugmug site or on any of the images below to see it on Society6 merchandise. I’ve also placed it on my Cafepress site.  You should note that some of the below images are slightly different than the original image shown above. It was more aesthetically pleasing to remove the boat and just leave the sail on some of the merchandise.

Hope this image inspires you to have a great summer!


Sailing all over Tee

All Over Shirt & Leggings

The sea leggings 2


Sailing shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Tapestry

Sailing Wall Tapestry


Sailing Clock

Wall Clock & Mug

Sailing mug


Sailing Duvet

Duvet Cover and Pillow

Sailing pillow


Sailing cards

Stationary Cards & Travel Mugs

Sailing travel mug


IPad tablet n Mini cases

Ipad Tablet / Mini Cases & Iphone/Ipod Skins

Iphone Ipod skins

Laptop Sleeves and Skins, Cushions, Rugs and a variety of T-shirts are also available at Society6. Please feel free to check them out. And thanks for the visit!


Red Float on Society6

Red Float small

You might recognize “Red Float” from a previous post that was set up for my Cafepress shop. Here, I’ve updated it somewhat to include a red maple leaf on the float and given the image a bit more contrast and saturation. It’s now available on my Society6 site.  You can view this updated version by clicking on the above image and that’ll take you to my Smugmug site. Or you can click on the below images to see the image on various Society6 merchandise. Summer’s never over if the sun shines in your heart!

RF all over

All Over Shirts & Leggings

RF leggings


RF shower

Shower Curtains & Rugs

RF rug


RF mug

Mugs & Duvet Covers

RF duvet


RF laptop

Laptop Skins & Sleeves

RF sleeves

This image is also available on various t-shirts, as a canvas print, pillows, bags, etc.

Or you may wish to own it as a Framed Art Print…

RF art print


lighthouse sig final

“Lighthouse” is a digital painting of the lighthouse at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia.  It is available through my Smugmug and Society6 site.  Simply click on the links or the images in this post and you will be magically transported there.  Stay compassionate and thanks for the visit!

lighthouse shower curtain

Shower Curtain


lighthouse t shirts


lighthouse leggings



lighthouse mug



lighthouse clock

Wall Clock


lighthouse laptop

Laptop skin


lighthouse tapestry



lighthouse art print

Art prints

Orange Sunset

White Rock 0933soft

“Orange Sunset” is available on Society6 as an art print or on various merchandise, some of which is shown below.  As always, clicking on the images will open a new window.  The above image will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can get a better view of the image.  While the below images will take you to my Society6 site.  Hope you’re ready for autumn!

OS art print

Art print


OS mug   Mug


OS wall clock   Wall Clock


OS Shower Curtain   Shower Curtain


OS duvet   Duvet covers


OS biker tank   Biker Tank and other tee’s.


OS laptop skins   Laptop skins


OS Phone Cases   Phone cases


OS Stationary Cards   Stationary Cards


Other items on which you can find this image are tote bags, rugs, pillows,  Framed Art Print,   etc.
Thanks for dropping by!


Lighthouse Park Shore

Lighthouse Park Water& oils

I’ve opened an “August Landscapes” store at Society6 where those items that don’t quite work with my Cafepress site have been listed.  I’ve already placed several works on Society6 and will be featuring them here as time allows.

One of the items is the above “Lighthouse Park Shore.”  Click on the above image and a new window will open were you can get a better view of it at my Smugmug site.  By clicking on the below images you can go directly to some of the merchandise at Society6.  Thanks for the look.  Have a great day!

Lighthouse Park Shore Mug

I do like Society6’s all over mugs.


LPS framed art print

Various sized art prints with different frames.


LPS stretched canvas  Also available on three sizes of stretched canvas.


LPS shower curtain  Shower Curtain (71×74 inches)


LPS duvet  Queen and King Duvets available


LPS biker tank

Various tee’s, hoodies and onesies, like this biker tank can be found on Society6


LPS laptop skin

Society6 allows the image to be placed on laptop skins, as shown here, and, not shown, on Iphone and Ipod cases and skin, and Ipad cases.

Stationary Cards, bags, rugs, throw pillows and wall clocks are also available at Society6 with this image.

August Heron

Heron on rocks AFelt a need for something different so brought together the above elements and digitally processed them in Painter X3 using ink pens.  Click on it and you’ll open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can see the image at full resolution.  Or click on the below images to see it on various merchandise sold via my Cafepress site.

Note the first three are of the image on yoga mats and with some additions of a Yin Yang symbol and the Yin Yang with B&W herons inside the symbol.  For your convenience note that clicking on the image will take you to Cafepress while clicking on the name beside the image will take you again to Smugmug where the image is at higher resolution.  Or if you just want to go to the August Heron CafePress general page click here

Hope you enjoy viewing these!

August Heron mug   August Heron on mug, one of two mugs available.


August Heron Woman's T shirt   August Heron Woman’s T-shirt

August Heron pyjamas   August Heron Woman’s pajamas.

August Heron Sippy Cup  August Heron Sippy Cup.

Remember the general CafePress page has many other items on it.  Check it out:  AUGUST HERON

Pearl Seas 2 0133

Two views of the “Pearl Seas” one with a pink touch and another that has a dark forbidden look. Clicking on either will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can view it better and buy it on their merchandise.

Pearl Seas tumblr

Clicking on the below images will take you to Cafepress where you can purchase these on mugs, tee shirts or bags.  Thanks for viewing my sites!




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