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Summer’s end is nigh and for those of you wondering where I was, I was here. I’ve had some eye troubles so I’ve not been able to do much, creative wise. But over the course of this summer I have been able to update my Society6 shop with images for their new products. One new product is the backpack. Description of it reads:

“Our Backpacks are crafted with spun poly fabric for durability and high print quality. Thoughtful details include double zipper enclosures, padded nylon back and bottom, interior laptop pocket (fits up to 15″), adjustable shoulder straps and front pocket for accessories. Dry clean or spot clean only. One unisex size: 17.75″(H) x 12.25″(W) x 5.75″(D).”

So here are some samples of backpacks with my images on them. As always, just click on the images to go to the site. Or click here on “Society6” to go directly to the backpack subsection. Nice to be back! Hope you’ve had a great summer.
















Heron Moon


“Heron Moon” is a digital painting on a textured surface. It is available at both my Smugmug and Society6 sites. Clicking on the above image will take you to the former, while merchandise at the later can be accessed by clicking of the below images. Thanks for the visit!



All Over Shirt & Leggings




Duvet Cover & Rectangular Pillow




Laptop Sleeves & Laptop Skins




Shower Curtains & Towels (Beach and Hand & Bath Towels)




Framed Art Print & Metal Prints




iPad Case & iPhone iPod Cases




Wall Clock & Rug




Throw Blanket & Throw Pillow




Hoodie & Travel Mug


Of course, there are many more items available especially when it comes to shirts (Tee’s, biker tops, V necks, etc.) Check it out!



“Bamboo” is a digital painting of bamboo on an abstract background of yellows, reds and oranges. Clicking on the above will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you may view and purchase. Or by clicking on the below items a new window will open at my Society6 site. Hope you enjoy this step out of winter! Thanks for the visit.


All Over Shirt & Leggings




iPhone/iPod Cases & Laptop Sleeves




Framed Art or Art Print




Duvet Cover & Wall Clock




Mug & Lined Notebook




Pouch & Tote Bag




Shower Curtain & Wall Tapestry


Lots more items at my S6 Shop. Rugs. T-shirts. Hoodies. Travel Mugs. Etc. Check it out!

Abstract 2014

Abstract 2014 180 signed

“Abstract 2014” is an abstract painting that originally began with an image of a dolphin swimming through space into a swirling galactic mass. You may view it better by clicking on the above image which will open a new window at my Smugmug site where it can be purchased. You may also purchase it at my Society6 site by doing the same on the below images.

As August comes to a close I hope you have all been having a great summer.


A 2014 women shirt

All Over Shirts & Leggings

A 2014 leggings


A 2014 biker tank

Biker Tanks & Hoodies

A 2014 hoodie


A 2014 Laptop & iPad Skin

Laptop and iPad Skins & Laptop Sleeves

A 2014 laptop sleeve


iphone ipod skin

iPhone/iPod Skins & Cases

iphone ipod case


A 2014 shower

Shower Curtains & Hand and Bath Towels

A 2014 hand bath towel


A 2014 duvet

Duvet Covers & Rugs

A 2014 rug


A 2014 rec pillow

Rectangular Pillows & Wall Clocks

A 2014 clock


A 2014 tote

Tote Bag & Men’s All Over Shirt

A 2014 all over shirt


A 2014 framed art print

Framed Art Prints & much more at my Society6 site.  Thanks for the visit!

Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge

“Lions Gate Bridge” is a digital rendering of a section of Vancouver’s most well known bridge as seen from Stanley Park. The lines in the image are cables that inspired the sectioning into various colors. Click on the above to view the image at my Smugmug site or on the below images to see it on the various merchandise available at my Society6 shop.


LGB allover

All Over Shirts & Leggings

LGB leggings front

LGB leggings


LGB shower curtain

Shower Curtains & Duvet Covers

LGB duvet


LGB mug

Mugs & Travel Mugs

LGB travel mug


LGB clocks

Wall Clocks & Tote Bags

LGB totes


LGB skins

“Laptop and iPad Skins” & “IPhone Cases”

LGB iPhone case


And there are more items available like t-shirts, biker tops, tank tops, rugs, laptop sleeves, wall tapestry and blankets. Check it out and thanks for the visit!

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing 0032 signed

“Gone Fishing” is a digitally painting of a log cabin wall in a local park. The title comes from one of the paper bulletins on the wall where someone says they’ve “Gone fishing.”

Click on the above image to see it better at my Smugmug cite where it can be purchased. Or click on the below images to go to my Society6 “August Landscapes” site where it can also be purchased on various merchandise.

Thanks for the visit!

GF all over

All Over T-Shirts & assorted others like this Biker Tank (below)

GF biker tanks

or Leggings…

GF leggings


GF shower

Shower Curtain (above), Throw Blanket (below)

GF throw blankets


GF duvet

Duvet Covers & Wall Clocks

GF clock


GF framed art

Framed Art or Laptop Skins

GF laptop skins


GF mug

Mugs & Travel Mugs

GF travel mugs

Thanks for checking out my stuff. Have a great day!

October Bench 2015

“Autumn Bench” may just as easily be called “Havest Bench”. It shows a collection of organic produce being offered for sale at the side of the road. Just pick your produce, drop your money in the can and your half-way to a delightful Thanksgiving feast. All you need is the free range turkey.

Click on the above image to view or purchase at my Smugmug site or on any of the links that include the below images that, when clicked, will open a new window at my Society6 shop.  Enjoy your fall festivities and thanks for the visit!

OB women all over

Women and Men’s all over shirts (Great for the “Herb” in your life!)

OB men all over


OB leggings

Leggings (Great if your name is Rosemary or Oregano:)

OB leggings back


OB tees

Women & Men’s Tee shirts (various colors)


OB mug

Mugs and Wall Clocks

OB clock


OB IPhone case

IPhone Cases & Framed Art

OB framed


Duvet Cover

OB duvet


Don’t forget that other types of t-shirts and cases are available through Society6. As well as tote bags, laptop sleeves and covers, throw pillow cases, rugs, etc. Check it out and thanks for the visit!

Roses & Lace

R&L T shirt

“Roses & Lace” is a fashion design showing red roses with red and white leaves on a background of intricate lace weaving. You can find the original design at my Smugmug site. Above is a special heart shaped treatment of the design created especially for my Society6 shop. Society6 offers a variety of tops with this image, including Hoodies, V neck shirts, Tank Tops and this Biker Tank. As always, clicking on the images opens a new window at my shops.

R&L biker tank


There is also this All Over, both sides shirt.

R&L allover

and the ever popular Leggings, with gold roses on the belt!

R&L leggings

R&L leggings back


R&L shower curtain

Shower Curtain & Duvet

R&L duvet


R&L Iphone cases

Iphone Cases & Laptop Skins

R&L laptop skins


R&L mug

Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

R&L travel

Don’t forget that this image is also on other Society6 items like their rug, wall clock, tote bag, stationary cards and more. Check it out. And thanks for the visit.

August Guitar on S6

August Guitar

I’m reposting “August Guitar” on Society6.  That said, you are welcome to click on the above image to open a new window at my Smugmug site or on the below images that will take you to my S6 shop. Either sites offer the opportunity of purchasing this design on various products. Thanks for the visit!


August Guitar shirt

All over Shirt & Leggings

August Guitar Leggings


August Guitar shower curtain

Shower Curtains & Mugs

August Guitar mug


August Guitar Hoody

Hoodies & Biker Tanks

August Guitar Biker Tanks


August Guitar Phone Cases

Phone Cases & IPad Cases

August Guitar IPad cases

There are other items that can be purchased at my Society6 “August Landscapes” shop such as Framed Art Prints, Rugs, Throw Pillows, Stationary Cards  (which begs the question, “How do you send a stationary card?”) and other items such as this Wall Clock:

August Guitar Wall Clock

Well. I can see by the ol’ clock on the wall that it’s once again time to thank you for dropping by. Thanks!



Society6 Leggings

Society6 is now offering Leggings and to introduce this product I’m showcasing four of my products in this post.

Click on the images and you’ll go to my shop where you can get a front, side and back view of the products.  You’ll also get a close up to see how clear the image appears on the leggings.

FYI: if you get an image that reads “Rendering Artwork”, it only means Society6 is busily working away at processing an image for public display.  Thanks for the visit!


lily pad leggings back

Lily Pads

Gold Roses legging 2

Magnolias and Moon

FAMD leggings front

Flowers at my Door

WUTW leggings side

Walk under the Willow

I will be adding Leggings as time permits to my Society6 shop for those images that make a good product.  In the meantime, thanks again for the visit!

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