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“With No New Nest in Which to Settle” is a digital painting that gets it title from Zen Master Dogen’s reference to the freedom attained when you let go of your fixed identity. It is available on Society6 merchandise and as art work on prints and canvas. Click on any of the images to take you to my site. Hope you gain your freedom this summer!

Both side, All Over Shirt & Leggings


Wall Art & Wall Mural


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Duvet & Pillow Sham


Backpack & Duffle Bag


Laptop Skin & Laptop Sleeve


Stationary Cards & Notebooks


Coffee Mug & Wall Clock


Iphone Skins & Iphone Case


Beach Towel & Bath Towel

And more! At my August Landscapes Society6 shop. Thanks for the visit!



Autumn in the Park

“Autumn in the Park” is an impressionist style digital painting available on my Society6 site. Clicking on any of the below images will open a new window at that site at the particular merchandise displayed in the image. Hope you like it!

All Over Shirt (both sides) & Leggings


Backpack and Duffle Bag


Shower Curtain and Rug


Circular or Square Floor Pillows


Hoodies and various T-shirts


Stationary Cards and Notebooks


Comforters and Duvet Covers


Coffee Mugs and Wall Clocks

And there’s a variety of other types of merchandise also available at my site, such as iPhone covers, Laptop skins & sleeves, wall art, wall tapestries, beach & bath towels, pillows, carry-all pouches, stickers and tote bags. Hope you can find time to check them out. Thanks for the visit!

Autumn Day

I took Society6’s advice and refrained from new posts in the lead up to Thanksgivings and Christmas. Back now with “Autumn Day”. Hope you like it. Click on the below images to view the merchandise I’ve placed it on at my Society6 shop. And thanks for the visit to my site.

All over print (both sides) & Leggings!


Duffle Bag or Tote Bag

Or Backpack


Shower Curtain & Hand and Bath Towels


Duvet’s (twin shown) and pillows

And Comforters (twin shown below)

Coffee Mugs and Traveler Mugs


Iphone Skins & iPhone Cases


Various t-shirts and hoodies

Wall clock & Wall Tapestry


Wall Curtains & Metal Prints

And don’t forget there’s even more to see on my Society6 site. Thanks for checking out my stuff!


Salish Sunset

“Salish Sunset” is a digital watercolor of a First Nations sun symbol setting above the Lions Gate bridge that is almost lost in the clouds and glare of the sun. The setting is Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

Click on the above to see it at my Smugmug site or on the below images to purchase it on Society6 merchandise at my shop. Thanks for the visit!

All Over (both sides) Shirt & Leggings


Unisex Tank Tops & Unisex V Necks


Backpacks & Tote Bags


Laptop/iPad Skins & iPhone Cases


Stickers & Notebooks


Metal Travel Mugs & Coffee Mugs


Wall Clocks & Framed Art Prints


Window Curtains & Shower Curtains


Bath Mats & Hand/Bath Towels


Wall Tapestry & Comforters


Rectangular Pillows & Pillow Shams

Are all just a few of the items available at my Society6 shop. Hope you check it out!


West Coast Eagle

“West Coast Eagle” was inspired by the rain forest of British Columbia. This particular image started as a photograph of an eagle sitting on a wooden pylon by the river. The background was changed to feature the forest and the mountains of the west coast.  Click on the above image to view it at my Smugmug site where you may purchase it. Or click on the bottom images to purchase it at the various merchandise at my Society6 shop. Hope this image brings you a sense of nature. Thanks for the visit!


Biker Tank & Leggings


All Over Shirt & T-Shirt


Beach Towel & Metal Travel Mug


iPhone and iPod Case & Tote Bag


Laptop and iPad Skins & Laptop Sleeves


Framed Art Print & Metal Prints


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Hand and Bath Towels & Wall Clocks



Duvet Covers & Rectangular Pillows


Comforter & Throw Blankets


Notebook & Mug


Wall Tapestry & Wall Curtains and MORE!


White Storm

“White Storm” is another of the short series of photographs taken on White Rock beach turned into digital paintings on my Society6 shop. Click on the above to view or purchase at my Smugmug site. Or on the below images to access it on merchandise on my S6 site.  Thanks for the visit!

All Over Shirt & Leggings


Long Sleeve T-shirt & Leggings


Tote Bag & Beach Towel


Notebook & Mug


Clear iPhone Case & iPhone/iPod Skin


Laptop Skin & Laptop Sleeve


Shower Curtain & Bathmat

Plus Hand and Bath Towels


Comforter (Duvet Covers also available) & Rectangular Pillows (Pillow Shams, too!)


Plus Throw Pillows and Floor Pillows


And for your wall, Framed Art Print and Wall Clock


Don’t forget to check out the rest of the merchandise!

Roses & Lace II


As Society6 has altered the way designs are uploaded and added a clear case for iPhones for that upload, I’ve re-entered “Roses & Lace” onto my shop to take advantage of the changes. The original is still there but if you click on any of the images in this post you will be magically transported to the new upload, in a new window. Hope you like the design. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Shower Curtain and S6’s new Bath Mats!


Plus Hand and Bath Towels, buy a set of two and save!


Or try the Beach Towels


Before I forget, here’s the Clear Phone Case


Or, if you prefer, the opaque iPhone/iPod Skins


And there’s the Laptop Sleeve


And Laptop Skin


Or go old school and buy lined notebooks (Buy three and save!)


And while your writing, drink out of your own Roses & Lace mug


And take the Metal Travel Mug when you’re on the go


While wearing Unisex V Tops, Unisex Tank Tops, Hoodies and T-Shirts





And when you get home curl up under a Comforter (Duvets also available)


With your own Rectangular Pillow


While wearing your Leggings!


And looking at your Wall Tapestry


And if you’ve followed me all the way down to this last picture then a special Thank YOU!



“Bamboo” is a digital painting of bamboo on an abstract background of yellows, reds and oranges. Clicking on the above will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you may view and purchase. Or by clicking on the below items a new window will open at my Society6 site. Hope you enjoy this step out of winter! Thanks for the visit.


All Over Shirt & Leggings




iPhone/iPod Cases & Laptop Sleeves




Framed Art or Art Print




Duvet Cover & Wall Clock




Mug & Lined Notebook




Pouch & Tote Bag




Shower Curtain & Wall Tapestry


Lots more items at my S6 Shop. Rugs. T-shirts. Hoodies. Travel Mugs. Etc. Check it out!

Winter Moonlight


“Winter Moonlight” is an impressionist style digital painting. Click on the above and a new window will open at my Smugmug site where you may view it and purchase it. Or you can click on any of the below images where you can purchase it on various merchandise at my Society6 shop. Thanks for the visit!



Allover Shirt & Leggings




Framed Wall Art & Wall Tapestry





Laptop and iPad Skins & iPhone and iPad Cases




Stationary Cards & Lined Notebook




Rectangular Pillow & Throw Pillow




Wall Clock & Comforter




Tote Bag & Shower Curtain


And much, much more available at my shop, like towels, rugs, throw blankets, biker tops, t-shirts, etc. Drop by for a visit!


Pixie Amid Foxgloves


“Pixie Amid Foxgloves” is a digital rendering using Topaz software that combines photos of flowers in my garden and a pixie. Click on the above to view in my Smugmug site or on the below images to view at my Society6 shop.


Framed Art.



iPhone and iPod Skins & Laptop Sleeves




Shower Curtains & Hand/Bath Towels




Both sides All Over Shirt & Leggings




Notebook (actual book) & Laptop/iPad Skins




Duvet Cover & Wall Clock


And more, all at my Society6 shop!

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