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Summer House

“Summer House” is an impasto painting to get you in a summer mood. Clicking on the various images in this post will open a new window at my Society6 site where you may purchase the image on various products or as prints and framed art. Hope you’re enjoying your day!

Society6’s newest merchandise, Wall Murals!

Wall Curtains


Shower Curtains

Duvets (Comforters, too!)

Pillows (various kinds like the Throw Pillow shown above)

Coffee Mugs (And metal travel mugs, too.)

iPhone Cases

iPhone Skins


Duffle Bags

Printed on both side Shirts


Unisex Tank Tops


Wall Clocks

Stationary Cards

And much more! Towels, Laptop Skins, Bath Mats, Wall Tapestry, Framed Art. Check it out!


White Rock Row Boat II

“White Rock Row Boat II” is one of a short series of photographs turned into digital paintings that were some of the first I did when I started doing art on computers. It’s been on my Society6 shop for some time but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to feature it here on my WordPress site.  Click on the above to see it in a new window at my Smugmug site. Or on any of the below images to view it at my Society6 shop. Hope it gives you something to think about in terms of what you want to do in the summer.  Thanks for the visit!


All Over Both Sides Shirt

Tote Bag

Beach Towel

Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Framed Art or Art Print


Duvet Cover and Rectangular Pillow


Wall Clock

Mugs, and more!


Red Float on Society6

Red Float small

You might recognize “Red Float” from a previous post that was set up for my Cafepress shop. Here, I’ve updated it somewhat to include a red maple leaf on the float and given the image a bit more contrast and saturation. It’s now available on my Society6 site.  You can view this updated version by clicking on the above image and that’ll take you to my Smugmug site. Or you can click on the below images to see the image on various Society6 merchandise. Summer’s never over if the sun shines in your heart!

RF all over

All Over Shirts & Leggings

RF leggings


RF shower

Shower Curtains & Rugs

RF rug


RF mug

Mugs & Duvet Covers

RF duvet


RF laptop

Laptop Skins & Sleeves

RF sleeves

This image is also available on various t-shirts, as a canvas print, pillows, bags, etc.

Or you may wish to own it as a Framed Art Print…

RF art print

August Guitar

August Guitar“Autumn Leaves?”  Not quite.  “August Leaves.”  The red leaves are meant to represent the heat of an August day.  The guitarist is Eden Fine Day, a singer/song writer who’s album, “Things Get Better” is available on ITunes.  And you can check out her video, The Light, on Youtube.

Clicking on the above image will open a new window at my Smugmug site where you can get a better view of the image.  Clicking on the below images will open new windows at my Cafepress site where you can purchase the image on duvets, tee shirts, rugs, shower curtains, jewelry and more.   Thanks again for visiting my site.  Enjoy August, everyone!


AG queen duvet    Queen Duvet, also King and Twin available


AG shower curtain   Shower Curtain


AG laptop sleeve   Laptop sleeves, 17″.  Also on Laptop skin


AG teapot   On a teapot


AG mug   Or on a mug


AG necklace   on a necklace


AG tank top   on tank tops and other tees


AG beach towel  And, of course, a beach towel for your summer fun!


Thanks again for the visit.

LightHouse Park seascape 0112

This photograph of West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park shows a part of it’s rocky shoreline.  Reprints available by clicking here Smugmug or on the above photograph.  if you’re interested in mechandise clicking on the pictures at the bottom of this post will take you to my Cafepress site.  Clicking will open new windows. Below is a closeup on the centre of the photograph.  This picture is copyrighted protected.

Insert 0112lighthouse park seascape shoulder baglighthouse park seascape mug


Stop SignsThe first stop sign image was taken of the same in one of Vancouver City’s parks.  Art display, I suspect.  It was processed in Photoshop CS4 where I added the wavy lines.  This next one was added some time later.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place!  Clicking on either will open a new window at my Smugmug site.

stop sign sign

Merchandise with these images can be found at my Cafepress site or by clicking on the below images.

stop signs laptop skinsstop signs bucket bagstop_signs_mugsstop_signs_scarf


SSS football T  variety of women’s tops


SSS sweatshirt variety of men’s tops


SSS pajamas  men & women pajamas


SSS dog tee  Dog T-shirt


SSS thong  Classic Thong

(Can be had for a thong!)

Red Float

Red float in front of a row boat with children in the background on the beach at low tide.

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach.  Here is a photo turned into a painting via Painter 10 but no photo can be turned into a painting without some heavy processing before hand.  In this instance much blending and smoothing was done to take out the many distracting sea shells, pebbles and seaweed.  Then added color was thrown with the use of layers.  It was only after this was all done that Corel’s Painter 10 was used to smooth out the bumps.

Reprints can be bought by clicking here, Smugmug, or on the above photograph.  If you’d like this on merchandise like tee shirts, thermoses or bags go to my Cafepress site by clicking on the photos at the bottom of this post.  Note that clicking on either will open a new window.

Via Cafepress I had this printed on the entire front and back of a t-shirt.  It worked very well with the children on the shoulder.  I quite like the effect.

Red Float insert I Red Float Insert II




beach thermos bottle 12oz

Forest Path

Nothing is more inviting than a cool forest path in the August heat.  And in Vancouver and it’s surrounding suburbs you will always find some park or forested area just off the main roads, as with this path in New Westminster, the first capital of British Columbia.

Click on the above image to open it at my Smugmug site where you can purchase it as a photograph or on any Smugmug merchandise available at that site.


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