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It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site. That being to the difficulty involved with uploading images to my Society6 shop. A difficulty that was only recently resolved a few weeks ago. I won’t go into details, suffice to say that Society6 added a lot of new products which I couldn’t easily add to my shop.

The latest addition is outdoor furniture: Sling Chairs, Folding Stools, Floor Cushions, Welcome Mats and Picnic Blankets.

These are only available for a short period of time and I expect will be gone when summer turns to autumn. They are all designed for outdoor use with UV and water-resistant coating to keep the images preserved in the summer sun.

I’ve only placed a few of my images on these outdoor items, as not all images are compatible with summer fun. Here is a link to my collection of outdoor furniture. OUTDOOR LINK.

Below are some samples. As always, clicking on the below images will open a new window where the product is available. Otherwise just use the above link and click on the type of furniture in the pull-down menu on the left of your screen that interests you most.

Thanks for the visit.

Sling Chairs!

Folding Chair.


Outdoor Floor Cushion.


Picnic Blanket.

Outdoor Floor Cushions.





“With No New Nest in Which to Settle” is a digital painting that gets it title from Zen Master Dogen’s reference to the freedom attained when you let go of your fixed identity. It is available on Society6 merchandise and as art work on prints and canvas. Click on any of the images to take you to my site. Hope you gain your freedom this summer!

Both side, All Over Shirt & Leggings


Wall Art & Wall Mural


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Duvet & Pillow Sham


Backpack & Duffle Bag


Laptop Skin & Laptop Sleeve


Stationary Cards & Notebooks


Coffee Mug & Wall Clock


Iphone Skins & Iphone Case


Beach Towel & Bath Towel

And more! At my August Landscapes Society6 shop. Thanks for the visit!


Summer House

“Summer House” is an impasto painting to get you in a summer mood. Clicking on the various images in this post will open a new window at my Society6 site where you may purchase the image on various products or as prints and framed art. Hope you’re enjoying your day!

Society6’s newest merchandise, Wall Murals!

Wall Curtains


Shower Curtains

Duvets (Comforters, too!)

Pillows (various kinds like the Throw Pillow shown above)

Coffee Mugs (And metal travel mugs, too.)

iPhone Cases

iPhone Skins


Duffle Bags

Printed on both side Shirts


Unisex Tank Tops


Wall Clocks

Stationary Cards

And much more! Towels, Laptop Skins, Bath Mats, Wall Tapestry, Framed Art. Check it out!

Autumn Day

I took Society6’s advice and refrained from new posts in the lead up to Thanksgivings and Christmas. Back now with “Autumn Day”. Hope you like it. Click on the below images to view the merchandise I’ve placed it on at my Society6 shop. And thanks for the visit to my site.

All over print (both sides) & Leggings!


Duffle Bag or Tote Bag

Or Backpack


Shower Curtain & Hand and Bath Towels


Duvet’s (twin shown) and pillows

And Comforters (twin shown below)

Coffee Mugs and Traveler Mugs


Iphone Skins & iPhone Cases


Various t-shirts and hoodies

Wall clock & Wall Tapestry


Wall Curtains & Metal Prints

And don’t forget there’s even more to see on my Society6 site. Thanks for checking out my stuff!



“Wood Hyacinth by the Shore” is a digital painting that is available at my Society6 shop on various merchandise ranging from art prints to tech accessories, fashion and home decor. Clicking on any of the below images will open a new window for the product at Society6. Hope you enjoy this image as much as I did creating it. Thanks for the visit!

All Over (both sides) Shirt & Leggings


Uni-sex Tank Top & T-Shirts


BackPack or Totebag


Iphone Case (& Skins)

Laptop (or Ipad) Skins & Laptop Cases


Window Curtains & Rugs


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat

& Hand and Bath Towels



Comforters (and Duvets) & Rectangular Pillows (or Pillow Shams)




Wall Clocks

And the list goes on so I’ll stop now.

Getting back behind the helm after an unproductive summer I pulled together a variety of photos and turned them into this digital painting of a sailboat in Burrard Inlet, just off Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Clicking on the above will open the image at my Smugmug site that now only displays Society6 images without any ability to purchase from Smugmug. Clicking on the below images will open the product at my Society6 shop where you may still purchase items. Pardon these boring details. Hope you’ve had a great summer and are looking to an equally great autumn!


Biker Tank & Long Sleeve Shirt


Backpack or Tote Bag


Shower Curtain and Bath Mat

with Hand and Bath Towels


Comforter or Duvet Cover

and add a Pillow Sham

or use a Rectangular Pillow


Throw Blanket and Wall Tapestry


Stationary Cards and Notebook (Your ships Log!)


Laptop & iPad Skins and Laptop Sleeves


All Over Shirt (both sides) and Leggings


Coffee Mugs and Wall Clocks

These products available and more at my site! Thanks for the visit.


Summer’s end is nigh and for those of you wondering where I was, I was here. I’ve had some eye troubles so I’ve not been able to do much, creative wise. But over the course of this summer I have been able to update my Society6 shop with images for their new products. One new product is the backpack. Description of it reads:

“Our Backpacks are crafted with spun poly fabric for durability and high print quality. Thoughtful details include double zipper enclosures, padded nylon back and bottom, interior laptop pocket (fits up to 15″), adjustable shoulder straps and front pocket for accessories. Dry clean or spot clean only. One unisex size: 17.75″(H) x 12.25″(W) x 5.75″(D).”

So here are some samples of backpacks with my images on them. As always, just click on the images to go to the site. Or click here on “Society6” to go directly to the backpack subsection. Nice to be back! Hope you’ve had a great summer.















West Coast Eagle

“West Coast Eagle” was inspired by the rain forest of British Columbia. This particular image started as a photograph of an eagle sitting on a wooden pylon by the river. The background was changed to feature the forest and the mountains of the west coast.  Click on the above image to view it at my Smugmug site where you may purchase it. Or click on the bottom images to purchase it at the various merchandise at my Society6 shop. Hope this image brings you a sense of nature. Thanks for the visit!


Biker Tank & Leggings


All Over Shirt & T-Shirt


Beach Towel & Metal Travel Mug


iPhone and iPod Case & Tote Bag


Laptop and iPad Skins & Laptop Sleeves


Framed Art Print & Metal Prints


Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Hand and Bath Towels & Wall Clocks



Duvet Covers & Rectangular Pillows


Comforter & Throw Blankets


Notebook & Mug


Wall Tapestry & Wall Curtains and MORE!


White Storm

“White Storm” is another of the short series of photographs taken on White Rock beach turned into digital paintings on my Society6 shop. Click on the above to view or purchase at my Smugmug site. Or on the below images to access it on merchandise on my S6 site.  Thanks for the visit!

All Over Shirt & Leggings


Long Sleeve T-shirt & Leggings


Tote Bag & Beach Towel


Notebook & Mug


Clear iPhone Case & iPhone/iPod Skin


Laptop Skin & Laptop Sleeve


Shower Curtain & Bathmat

Plus Hand and Bath Towels


Comforter (Duvet Covers also available) & Rectangular Pillows (Pillow Shams, too!)


Plus Throw Pillows and Floor Pillows


And for your wall, Framed Art Print and Wall Clock


Don’t forget to check out the rest of the merchandise!

White Rock Row Boat II

“White Rock Row Boat II” is one of a short series of photographs turned into digital paintings that were some of the first I did when I started doing art on computers. It’s been on my Society6 shop for some time but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to feature it here on my WordPress site.  Click on the above to see it in a new window at my Smugmug site. Or on any of the below images to view it at my Society6 shop. Hope it gives you something to think about in terms of what you want to do in the summer.  Thanks for the visit!


All Over Both Sides Shirt

Tote Bag

Beach Towel

Shower Curtain & Bath Mat


Framed Art or Art Print


Duvet Cover and Rectangular Pillow


Wall Clock

Mugs, and more!


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